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Redwood Decking


    Redwood decking remains the pride and joy of J&W Lumber.  All of the inherent properties of redwood are seen in the redwood decking of today - natural beauty, unequaled dimensional stability, and resistance to insects and decay.

    All of our J&W air-seasoned Redwood decking is available in Alpine (Construction Common), Alpine Select, Classic Heart (Construction Heart), and Premium Blend (B Grade).



     Premium Blend

    With Premium Blend, you’ll get the same rich contrast of wood tones featured in the Alpine style, but with a more refined finish (limited knots). Each board is hand selected to minimize knots, providing a deck look that is warm, rich and elegant. With its mix of warm yellows and deep reds, your project is guaranteed to be one of stunning beauty.


    Classic Heart

    The color and look that made redwood famous, Classic Heart features hand selected, heartwood-only boards. The result is a deck or other outdoor space that features a deep red, uniform appearance.            



    If you want the full character of redwood, you’ll find it with Alpine. A deck built with this style shows off the rich and dynamic color range of redwood, including the unique character and texture of the knots. No board is the same, and each comes with its own unique history to tell. Alpine is great for decks and other outdoor projects and superior to just about any other wood.



    2x4 and 2x6 Redwood decking will span 24" on center run perpendicular to joists, when run diagonally decrease joist spacing to 16".  Typical builders today will use 16" O.C. for most applications just to assure no sponginess in the feel underfoot.

    Leave 1/8" spacing between boards and always predrill holes at board end to help prevent splitting. It is preferable to install boards with the bark side up (frown down) to help prevent grain lifting, but this is not mandatory.  Typical installations will have the best face upwards.

    J&W recommends installation with HDG or Stainless Steel screws using two fasteners at each joist. Use fasteners long enough to penetrate into the joists at least 1 1/2".  This pattern will hold the board in place and help to further reduce any chance of cupping.

     How To: Refinishing Redwood:


    Tips on how to restore faded redwood (click here)

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